CTV Olympics

One of the highlights of my career to date. The 'Believe' campaign and the question 'Do you believe?' were front and center during the extended promotions opportunity leading up to and through ther games. In fact the promotions that ran while the games were in play were exceptoinally notable. Reacting to the events of the day. An 'image style' promotion was produced for air the same day, enabling promotions to both be current while maintaing high production levels.

Included are some highlights that ran while the games were happening. The complete campaign can be viewed on YouTube.

CTV Believe - Image

CTV Believe from Robert Hillis on Vimeo.


First Gold


Kids ceremony


Florist Ladies


Lucky Loonie


Street Hockey


Canada vs. Russia


Men's Hockey


Closing Ceremony

Rob Hillis
Olympic Fan

I was fortunate to have an Olympic experience of my own. The stories that seemingly evolved as the games progressed was captured and channeled into promotions while the action was happening. I had an unique perspective on the games through the lens as Vancouver hosted the best party ever.