CTV Creative

As the hub of CTV's west coast creative agency, a wide assortment of promotional matereal is created on a daily basis. Some image related with reasonable budgets, some topical in nature, and some that are more commercial or corporate in nature.

Being a quick-creative problem solver and being able to adapt to always changing productions and production roles has made for a challenging and rewarding career that I've enjoyed for more than twelve years now.


CTV Fall Image 2012


Vancouver Aquarium - Our Oceans

Vancouver Aquarium - Our Oceans from Robert Hillis on Vimeo.


Olsen On Your Side - Repair Shop

CTV Olsen On Your Side - Repair Shop from Robert Hillis on Vimeo.


CTV Weather - With Michael Kuss

CTV Weather with Michael Kuss from Robert Hillis on Vimeo.


CTV - The Investigators


Operation Rednose

Rob Hillis
Broadcast Professional

With over 25 years of TV experience, ranging from editing both long and short form productions, creation of motion graphics both 2D and 3D, Audio post production, shooting and directing with emphasis on lighting with use of modern HD image gathering techniques including XDCam, DSLR and other newly evolving image gathering means.

I would consider myself a 'Jack of All Trades' in that I am able to fit into any production roll seamlessly, knowing what it takes to create a polished finished result that surpasses the clients requirements and expectations.