Collected Works

With a large collection of collected works, it's difficult to find small moments to demonstrate my broadcast abilities. Below are a couple montages that give an overview of some of my work history. Included are projects that were entirely edited by myself, Graphic elements created by myself and with footage sometimes shot by myself while working with various clients.

In the 'Project Examples' pull down menu above, you will find more in-depth segments that were included in the following montages. Please browse and see for yourself the wide range of productions that I have had the pleasure to contribute and be a part of.

Also included above is my CV with a breakdown of my work history which highlights specific productions and roles that I've been involved with. Questions? Feel free to drop me a line for further information on how best I can serve you.

Montage Compilation

Montage Compilation from Robert Hillis on Vimeo.

Broadcast and Corporate graphics and compositing reel.

Graphic / Compositing Montage from Robert Hillis on Vimeo.

Rob Hillis
Broadcast Professional

With over 25 years of TV experience, ranging from editing both long and short form productions, creation of motion graphics both 2D and 3D, Audio post production, shooting and directing with emphasis on lighting with use of modern HD image gathering techniques including XDCam, DSLR and other newly evolving image gathering means.

I would consider myself a 'Jack of All Trades' in that I am able to fit into any production roll seamlessly, knowing what it takes to create a polished finished result that surpasses the clients requirements and expectations.